Cost-Effective Solutions
for Mission Critical Business


Virtualization Architecture, Design & Implementation Solutions:

Server and application virtualization has rapidly become the norm in modern datacenters. Virtualization allows for simplification of datacenter management and maintenance, consolidations of many disparate functions on fewer hardware components, improved scalability of applications where increasing hardware does not increase performance, and zero-downtime operations. VisualSoft has a proven track record of designing and implementing award winning enterprise grade virtualization infrastructure for public and private center entities. We offer full scale ground-up datacenter design and implementation as well as consultative services on improving performance and reliability of existing infrastructure. Our clients have benefited from fully redundant virtualization clusters that have dramatically decreased expenses related to IT staff labor as well as general staff productivity losses due to scheduled and unscheduled downtime. We have helped our clients avoid many bottlenecks and unexpected implementation issues that come with new virtualization implementations as well as the potential nightmare of migrating existing physical servers to new virtualization infrastructures. Our Virtualization Solution services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Virtualization needs and performance assessments
  • Virtualization datacenter design, implementation, maintenance, and management
  • Design and implementation of custom replicated storage to support virtualization
  • Virtualization network, SAN, and storage performance analysis
  • Virtualized server and application performance analysis
  • Server consolidation and physical to virtual migration
  • High-availability clusters consisting of any mix of physical and virtual components
  • HPC and distributed computing clusters with any mix of physical and virtual components

Network Infrastructure and Support Services (WAN, LAN, VOIP, NOC Design & Deployment):

Reliable operation of the enterprise network is no longer just a business utility -- it has become a necessity for business survival. Information and network technology have evolved beyond a way to improve productivity and decrease cost, to strategic resources for competing in a global marketplace. Economic and competitive pressures force enterprises to derive the greatest possible business value from the transfer of information and knowledge. An effective IT infrastructure has become key to obtaining information faster, from more sources. VisualSoft, using its proven processes and procedures, as well as its broad knowledge of existing and next generation network technology, can quickly and accurately assess network situations, effectively diagnose current problems, and anticipate future needs. We perform Network Assessment and Planning, Design and Implementation, and Management/Monitoring. These services include but not limited to the following:
  • Server Upgrade and Migration
  • Desktop, Upgrade and Migration
  • Directory Services Architecture and Implementation
  • Firewall Security Management
  • Database Architecture and Implementation
  • Network Management
  • Server Consolidation
  • Networking Systems (LAN/WAN) cabling
  • Help Desk Management & Incident Response
  • Computer facilities support and maintenance
  • Infrastructure design and installation
  • Preventive maintenance